Sunday, 2 November 2014

My Guide to Shiny Hair: Part Two

Hey Guys,

Today I have some more tips for those of you looking that are looking to get shiny, sleek hair. If you haven't already seen the first part to this post, click here to read it.

So without further ado, here are my tips continued.

4) Shampoo onto dry hair.

Ok, this tip is a bit of weird one as normally you would rinse your hair with water before you start shampooing. Just as you should. But once a week or just if your hair is really dirty, I would recommend shampooing straight onto your dry hair and waiting two minutes before washing it out and then washing your hair normally.

Why? By doing this, you're actually helping to get more of the dirt out of your hair and to help the shampoo, on the second wash, really get into all the roots of your hair properly.

5) Condition only the lower part of your hair.

If you don't already do this, then you clearly don't read the directions on the shampoo bottles when you're bored.

Basically, the hair nearest the top of your head is still quite new and just growing in. Whereas, where your hair stops growing near the bottom of your head, those hairs are really old and chances are you've actually had them for years as they've been growing down.

So it's actually more beneficial for your hair if you condition this all round area instead of the top of your head.

Plus, if you do condition the top of your head, you'll find that your hair can become a lot more greasier, more persistently and no one wants that.

6) Hair Masks

Ok, this is less of a tip and more of a recipe.

Hair masks are initially designed to help repair damaged hair. And being the amazing person I am, I managed to find you guys a  recipe that also naturally glosses your hair as well. Naturally, you can buy one, but I prefer to make mine at home, simply because it's more cost efficient for me.


- 5ml/1 teaspoon of Runny Honey
- A dash/ A few drops of Vinegar
- 50ml/ 3 tablespoons of Evaporated Milk

Step One: Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

Step Two: Cover your hair from root to tip with the mixture.

Step Three: Wrap your hair in a warm towel for 20 minutes. This gives all the ingredients time to complete their jobs. As the milk helps to cleanse your hair, the honey helps to nourish your hair and the vinegar helps to add that glossy tone to your hair.

Step Four: Rinse your hair, making sure to remove all of the mixture.

Step Five: Brush your hair and then either leave it to dry naturally or use a hairdryer.

Okay, so that's all my tips for now. If you guys would like to see some more tips like this or have any questions, be sure to tweet me @bookgeekm

Good Luck,

Molly x